Value Added Services

Reverse Logistics & Core Collection Solutions

A large percentage of your returned products retain value when put in the correct hands. CoreCentric Solutions creates customized, flexible solutions that seamlessly integrate with your aftermarket program. Our goal is to manage those returns and recapture value on a wide variety of products as efficiently as possible. 

Parts and Product Management Solutions

We carefully manage product returns right from the start. As soon as they enter our facility through our liquidation process, we inspect, categorize, barcode, and track every product we receive. We’ll capture the maximum value for every product in every liquidation channel as well.

Engineering Services and Accurate Analysis

Behind every customer reverse logistics solution stands CoreCentric’s excellent electrical and mechanical engineering teams. These experts analyze all parts using proprietary CCS testing procedures to instill quality and efficiency. They also develop, test and implement highly detailed repair processes to restore the value in your appliance.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Our data engineering teams and IT expertise summarize the best possible procedures to go about the remanufacturing and repair businesses we are involved in.