Engineering Services

CoreCentric Solutions has a staff of electrical and mechanical engineers on hand to ensure all parts or products are remanufactured to OEM specification.

Our engineers establish remanufacturing test and repair methods to address all failure modes through the following processes:

  • Core Failure Analysis, each new core part is analyzed to determine its rebuild potential and requirements.
  • Core parts are tested and scrutinized to identify possible failure modes. Product upgrades and enhancements are noted.
  • Specific repair methods are developed to address all detected failures. Highly detailed remanufacturing process documents are generated.
  • A pilot run is conducted to test the remanufacturing process and procedure. Results of the pilot run are reviewed, and the remanufacturing procedure is updated.
  • Packaging Requirements are developed with capabilities for retail or service customized packages.
  • CoreCentric Solutions is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and maintains a comprehensive Corrective Action System.
CoreCentric Solutions provides engineering analysis on product whether or not it will be remanufactured to support our client’s needs for quality information and improvement.