Commitment to Quality

CoreCentric Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company;

  • All processes are documented, managed, tracked and reviewed.
  • CoreCentric Solutions utilizes industry standard IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies as a basis for all remanufacturing.
  • Quality is monitored through our barcode process; all returns are reviewed and any corrective actions are implemented to resolve an issue and to prevent further issue.
  • The company regularly audits all procedures and processes in coordination with the ISO9001 schedule.
  • All remanufactured parts go through a 100% test procedure to ensure quality; regular internal audits are held to verify our remanufacturing standards are upheld.
  • CoreCentric Solutions maintains a repair database on all remanufactured product along with a complete barcode system to track and manage repairs throughout our system from initial core receipt through production, shipment and return.
  • All CoreCentric parts and products are remanufactured and reconditioned here in the USA.
We are dedicated to making sure our customers’ products or parts leave our facilities at the manufacturer’s specification or in some cases an improved product with the latest enhancements or upgrades available.