Product Returns Management

We carefully manage product returns from the moment they enter our facilities through their end liquidation, in accordance with manufacturer or retailer disposition strategies.
We accept individual and bulk returns and promptly audit and track your inventory from end-to-end.
Every Product is:

  • Inspected and return authorized.
  • Categorized for repair, asset recovery, resale, liquidation, etc.
  • Barcoded and tracked.

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CoreCentric Solutions will relieve that inefficiency and work with you to create a customized and integrated Reverse Logistics solution for product or part returns. Clients can gain both the expertise of our repair and refurbishment team, as well as the value of the efficient and effective returns management processes that we employ as part of a complete return and fulfillment solution.
Other services we offer

Depot Repair / Refurbishing and Remanufacturing

It’s at the core of what we do, every day.

  • CoreCentric Solutions rigorously tests to OEM specifications.
  • Our facilities incorporate lean, best practice manufacturing principles to ensure the highest levels of quality and cost efficiency.
  • We use flexible workflow models, and are able to quickly ramp up (or down) to accommodate varying rates of product returns.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Asset Recovery and Inventory Management

CoreCentric Solutions Asset recovery process supports a large inventory of parts and materials used in the depot repair process. We’ll also globally source any additional assets needed.

  • CoreCentric’s barcoded, wireless Warehouse Management System continually tracks all inventory.
  • With multiple facilities and extensive square footage at our disposal, we’re able to support a large volume of product.


We’ll capture the maximum value for every product, in every liquidation channel.

  • Return for vendor credit.
  • Volume sales to wholesale liquidators.
  • Online auctions and ecommerce.
  • Material recycling and/or disposal.